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Hotel Casa Albertina Review: A Positano Gem

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

After hiking 9.4 Kilometers, 5.84 miles, along the Path of the Gods from Agerola and the 1,700 stair climb down into Positano from Nocelle. I was hoping for a glorious oasis to remove my pack, take a shower, and rest my feet (gosh my feet hurt), Casa Albertina turned out to be that glorious oasis that I was hoping for.

(Dining terrace, where I choose to have my breakfast and coffee each morning.)

There is something about traveling and staying in boutique hotels that just does it for me. Maybe it's the anti-establishment part of me that welcomes, needs something different, but I love the uniqueness that stays at places like Casa Albertina bring.

Generally speaking, I am pretty much the worst at packing for any trip. I honestly feel a sense of relief knowing that I can drive somewhere because I know I can overpack without consequence. This makes taking a backpacking trip especially hard for me because I have to extra mindful of what I'm taking. (packs should not exceed 20% of your bodyweight) I must have packed, unpacked, and repacked at least 9ish times, eliminating items each time... rain jacket don't need that, khakis don't need those, a henley in every color that J. Crew sold probably not. At this point in my trip, arriving at Casa Albertina, my clean clothes options were limited, until I found out about the hotels dope-ass laundry service. I suppose other hotels have laundry services but I never used one before, so I was extra geeked about this. I'm a particular guy and I prefer to do my laundry, in this case have my laundry done in a certain way. I got all my items together, filled out the chart on the laundry bag, and proceeded to write my own care instructions in the margin. Something to the effect of, "cold water wash only, line dry only." Who wants to have their clothes shrink, I'm gonna risk it. I dropped the bag off at the front desk, advised them of my care instructions, and again they were like "no problem, we got this, it will just take a little longer to get back to you because of the line drying." Excellent service at this place. And can I be anymore of a pain in the ass guest?

I pride myself on being careful, and especially not being clumsy, but while staying at the hotel I had an oopsie. I knocked a glass bottle of sparkling water over by mistake and it crashed to the tile floor and shattered. I immediately was thinking two things; what an idiot and I'm going to be embarrassed asking for help to clean it up. I moved the waste basket to the screen of the foul and picked-up all the large pieces. Then I watched downstairs, fully intending on heading out to adventure, but I asked the host at the desk if "I could have something to clean up broken glass with because I broke a bottle." Without a second thought he was on the phone with housekeeping to have them clean up my mess. As he was on the phone he waived me out the door like, "don't be ridiculous go enjoy yourself, we got this, no worries." Much appreciated.

Fun fact I learned in Italy, Italians prefer to have a sweet breakfast composed delicious pastries, croissants, etc.. not only did the Hotel Albertina have delicious parties for me to indulge in at breakfast but also served bacon, eggs, etc... And this view again!!! Are you kidding me!!! I want to eat my breakfast there every morning.

I'm new to the traveling blogging scene but as a sit here and write this post I regret two things, not getting pictures with the OG host and not getting to know his name and his story. I'll do better next time. Promise.

I could write all day about the unique features of the hotel but my energy levels are fading and your attention span probably is too. Just like this floor, the hotel is riddled with unique features. I particularly enjoyed the full length shutter doors on my balcony.

Same terrace but but swapped the coffee for a Punch Gran Puro. And can we take in that room key!

Positano at night from the roof top terrace of Casa Albertina.

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