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Image by Sajad Darvishi

Restaurant Reviews

Am I any sort of authority on food, restaurants, service, and/or hospitality? No! But is that going to stop me from writing reviews? Absolutely not.

If I do have an ounce of authority to write a quality review it would be because of the 9 restaurants, lounges, lodges, and bars I worked at earlier in life. These ranged from diners to fine dining and my stays varied from hours to years. I spent my time mostly as a line cook (not chef, I'm careful with my terminology here) but also as a bartender, server, barback, and my very first job in hospitality was as dishwater. I'd liked to think I was promoted from dishwasher to line cook because they saw the immense potential in me at 17 years old. However, I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the other kid they hired around the same time being awful. (sorry Cody)

I hope the reviews are equal parts enjoyable, entertaining, and inspirational. Enjoy!
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