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Rawcoco Green Bar, Cozy Sanctuary of a Cafe

I spent a large portion of the morning walking around the Goya neighborhood of Madrid searching for the ideal location to have a healthy breakfast, stay warm, and get some work done.

I stopped into a restaurant that looked promising, but once I translated the menu with the google translate app I realized that this wasn't the place for me. After digging through my bag for a couple of loose Euros, I placed them on top of the folded menu and left, hopefully, while no one was looking!

That was the moment when I thought all was lost, and that I wouldn't be able to achieve my ideal scenario. The truth is that I had given up hope, as I had stopped at a grocery store to purchase some granola bars instead of continuing my search.

And just as I'm about to open that box of granola bars I was advised to visit Rawcoco! What a godsend that recommendation turned out to be.

Rawcoco Green Bar was a quiet, warm, and cozy sanctuary of a cafe to get some work accomplished while enjoying a late breakfast.

I’m a sucker for fresh, seasonal, and whole ingredients. Moreover, when I’m abroad, I will absolutely melt for friendly staff who can speak to my monolinguist-self in English.

I enjoyed this place so much that I was there the next day as well. I ordered the same thing too, but added some extra berries! Wild, I know!


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