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RAILS Restaurant & Little Bar

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Parisian chic, Sunrays, Smooth Jazz with an epic side of Eggs Bene

I had already been awake for 5 hours, traveled through a time zone change, and caught two trains. The first one departed at 06:59 AM. I had 4 hours to spare before catching my flight at Heathrow International. I was acutely aware that once passing through security at Heathrow, I would have zero chance of a good meal for approximately the next 24 hours as I journeyed back home.

With time being a bit of a constraint I couldn't travel far from St. Pancras train station, so I focused my search efforts on something within a couple of minutes' walk, that didn't have shit ratings. I'm always cautious of eateries around train stations, tourist attractions, etc... people eat there because it's convenient, not because it's good, and that's how those restaurants keep the lights on. Not necessarily because the food is good, but just because it's convenient.

I narrowed it down to 2 places, RAILS won out because they were closer, and google maps said they weren't busy, "usually not busy," is how I think it was written.

RAILS is on the first floor of the Great Nothern Hotel, I never stayed there. If I ever have the opportunity to, I will, because I had such a lovely experience stopping in for this quick brunch.

This brings up something else that I would like to address, are we still shaming restaurants for being in hotels? Again, usually, the best food isn't in a hotel restaurant because they already have a clientele, therefore those people are showing up because it's convenient not because it's good. I've been to several excellent hotel restaurants recently, so maybe that's no longer a great rule of thumb.

The Food:

I ordered the Eggs Benedict, with a side of hashbrowns and sourdough toast.

The hollandaise sauce is rich and creamy with a noticeable zing of lemon. 

Hash browns were thick, crusty outside, and had a soft and steamy middle. Which is an art to get those two things perfect together.

The Atmosphere:

Lovely atmosphere with smooth jazz playing in the background.

Sunlight poured through the south-facing windows.

The Service:

As soon as I approached the hostess stand I was provided with excellent service. It was a non-issue that I wasn't a guest at the hotel and she even offered to store my luggage while I ate. The servers were attentive and prompt.

When I went to pick up my luggage, the hostess dropped it off beside the elevator and not the hostess stand to make it even more convenient for me. Moreover, she fielded a question from me about where best to hail a taxi from.

Final Thoughts:

More ppl should know about this place but I’m glad they don’t because I enjoyed a peaceful brunch while relaxing to smooth jazz in a sun-filled dining room before my 10-hour flight back to the U.S. 

Thank You:

My deepest appreciation goes out to you for taking the time to read my work! Thank you.

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