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Why you SHOULD a take Solo Trip

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The Value in Solo Travel.

So, are you thinking about traveling, SOLO? Well, you are not the only one. I've recently seen everyone posting about traveling solo, which made me interested in taking my own solo adventure somewhere beautiful. In my view, the value of Solo Travel can be countless, and with so much to learn. I've searched so many profiles of solo wanderers that are inspiring others to go Solo Traveling. Don’t get me wrong, solo traveling seems dope, but traveling with a partner, friends, or family can also be a wonderful experience. That’s not lost on me. But with everything, balance is important, and new experiences that take you out of your comfort zone are valuable.

In this article, I'm going to share my own opinions and the interesting facts I've found out about Solo Travel with my fellow adventure-seekers as I plan my first solo trip!

Solo Travel can enhance self-confidence.

There are various ways in which solo tripping can be beneficial to our emotional well-being. One of the most significant advantages is the increase in our self-confidence. Confidence in ourselves will be tested in circumstances where we will have to make difficult decisions by ourselves. Don’t know which train to take, don’t speak the local language, can’t read the signs, no one to rely on but you. Let’s get it! Additionally, the experience of traveling alone can also boost our self-confidence by pushing us to mingle with new faces and overcome whatever shyness we may be experiencing at the time. Mingle, take the time to learn about the people you interact with no rush. You’re on your time, your agenda, talk to who you want for however long you want. We out here just wandering now.

(I love a good power pose)

Solo Travel can put an end to our stress.

Solo travel is a great way to escape our daily routine, reconnect with ourselves, reframe our current circumstances, and dream BIG. We all do it, we all get caught up in our day-to-days, and soon enough, we become numb to the existence we are living. No Bueno! Being by yourself sightseeing, exploring, and getting to know a new area brings us back to LIFE, helps us feel more, increases our senses by removing those daily stressors of what we think is our necessary routine.

Take pleasure in our time alone.

When solo tripping, we learn to enjoy being alone and cherish our own company, which is good for our mental health. The majority of individuals are deficient in this crucial ability. The ability to enjoy one's own company is a priceless life skill that can't be taught, but I can be learned. You will be able to add more value to other relationships in your life when you become comfortable being alone. No one can make you happy. However, people try to find their happiness in others all the time, and it turns into a continuous cycle of seeking validation through others.

You don’t need it homie, you’re enough! And by taking a trip by yourself, you’ll be able to start that process of becoming more comfortable being by yourself and seeking your own happiness. If you’re already comfortable, time for a refresher! Always learning, always growing.

We grow to accept the uncertainty.

Embracing the unknown rather than fearing it will also be a lesson learned when solo tripping. As a survival mechanism, human beings seek certainty, and we get comfortable with that certainty. But certainty isn’t living; it’s existing. Seeking uncertainty is when we experience growth. Listen, I’m not saying this is easy, it must be cultivated. We will learn to face our fears when we travel solo because it forces us to believe that we will be able to cope with whatever comes our way.

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

- Mark Twain

Solo tripping can be a great way to detox from electronics?

No Cap. This will be a challenge, but a worthy endeavor it will be. I mean, did you even take a solo trip if you didn’t take some EPIC pictures?

Our tendency to check our social media accounts on our phones every 30 seconds is less pronounced when we're away on a trip. As a result, we'll have more time to commune with nature, experience life away from a screen, and breathe in the experience. A digital detox is great for our mental health, as long as we remember to stay in touch with our loved ones every now and then!

When you return to your 9 to 5 and are going through travel withdrawal, post about it then as you’re sitting in your office staring at the wall.

Solo travel will teach us the value of independence.

When we're around others, we often have to depend on them. Getting instructions, making decisions, and eating are all dependent on other people. When traveling alone, we must take responsibility for all of our actions. Making our own decisions, of how we are you going to spend the day? You just want to chill around the hotel and recharge your batteries after some serious jetlag has set in, do it. We are here for it, no judgment.

Being alone in making these decisions, big or small, helps you discover and refine your preferences. And a great lesson to apply across all aspects of your life, “am I doing this for me, or am I just doing it because of the situation/circumstances.”

Solo adventuring will give us the opportunity to look at how we live our lives objectively. The process will let us discover more about ourselves, what gasses us up, and how we want to live.

We'll be able to try a variety of cuisines.

Okay. My favorite part. A highlight of every solo travel experience is the opportunity to sample the local cuisines! When we travel alone, we have more freedom in terms of what we eat since we aren't coordinating with a large group. No more arguments about where to eat, and no more trying to convince them that your Tripadvisor find is better than their TripAdvisor find.

You can walk into a restaurant, and if you don’t like the vibe, get up and leave, no conversation, no discussion, just you doing what you want. That seems empowering AF, as I wrote it.

Meeting new individuals is always a highlight of solo tripping.

Traveling in a group means staying together most of the time. To put it another way, we're less prone to get disoriented and lose our path. However, traveling alone has a distinct advantage: it increases our chances of meeting locals, making new friends, and overall, being more outgoing.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

- J.R.R. Tolkien

It can help us learn new languages.

Throwing oneself into something is the best way to learn anything new. The greatest approach to breaking down a language barrier is to fully immerse ourselves in a foreign culture. Our reliance on other travelers for translation assistance increases when we're traveling in groups. We will likely converse with one another in our original tongue. On the other hand, when we're alone, we're compelled to constantly learn a new language.

We will get to immerse ourselves in new cultures.

We will broaden our horizons by traveling solo and experiencing other cultures. We'll learn to respect the uniqueness of each individual. With no one to distract us, we'll have plenty of time to enjoy the sights and sounds of a new place.

Solo travel is more cost-effective than group travel.

You don't need math to figure out that traveling solo is more cost-effective. The fact that we are traveling solo means that we only have to purchase one set of flights and one set of lodging, tours, food, and so on. Although these costs are small, they may quickly add up if we are considering an extended vacation. Solo travel means we'll save more money to spend on whatever we want afterward.

I’m not one to shy away from spending a dollar, but make sure it’s on people who appreciate it and a country with a favorable exchange rate.

No need to feel bad about taking some time off.

A lengthy trip can leave us drained and frazzled. Or maybe just from walking around a new city can. While traveling with a group of friends, the urge to keep going may be very strong. On the other hand, when solo tripping, we are free to return to our hotel for a mid-afternoon nap without feeling guilty. Listen, I love a nap.

Solo Travel is a valuable investment in ourselves.

Putting ourselves last in our daily lives is very simple, and the reasons may range from job to family, including relationships. Going away provides us the opportunity to refocus our attention on ourselves and to engage in activities that promote our physical and mental well-being. When we understand how badly we've been treating ourselves, we'll find it difficult to go back to our old habits of ignoring ourselves.

Conclusively, these are the reasons that inspired me to start planning my first solo tripping experience; I hope they inspire you as well. So, when do we start? Comment below!


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